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functional medicine consultation

Consultation in the area of functional medicine with a wholesome approach including mind-body healing


Hormonal Testing, Brain Health, Gut Health, and more


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What is Complimentary Medicine?

Functional medicine, antiaging medicine, regenerative medicine, and integrative medicine are all in the realm of complementary medicine and are shaping the future of healthcare. As a complementary and personalized medicine provider, I focus on the whole system, not just the symptoms or a single system.

I listen and spend time with you to understand your specific health needs, assessing genetic and environmental factors, as well as diet and lifestyle elements which influence your overall wellbeing. We create a health plan specific to your needs at this time so that we can optimize your health. I’ll be there every step of the way to support you along this healing journey so that you can lead your best life.

While my approach is patient-centered, my focus is on integrating science based, cutting-edge prevention with the best, non-evasive treatment modalities available. As such, I believe in prevention and healing the root cause instead of trying to treat symptoms.

My goal is to help you prevent rapid aging and diseases that stem from “inflammaging”; aging too quickly from high, unchecked levels of inflammation that most doctors don’t look into.

Functional Medicine Testing

Most people who have already seen several doctors say they have been told that their labs are “normal”, but still have low energy, feel foggy, forgetful, achy, or have a hard time losing weight. 

For one, you can still have symptoms if your labs come back “normal” or “in range” because the range is an average of people who typically don’t have optimal health. Secondly, conventional labs only give us a small section of data about your overall health. I like to offer further testing to cross reference so we can take a deeper dive and catch issues that most conventional tests miss.


Science clearly shows that hormones rule our whole-body health. Hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, and thyroid speak to our tissues throughout the entire human body. This communication is critical for optimal brain health, bone health, immunity, skin health, and fighting illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and dementia.

Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are all crucial in keeping our body operating optimally, preventing illnesses, and aiding in longevity, but as we age our hormones can easily shift and become unbalanced. Hormone imbalances can create chronic inflammation which often leads to declining health over time or speeding up aging. Symptoms like mood swings, weight gain, and brain fog that your doctor may say “just part of getting older”, are typically red flags that your hormones are off! Ignoring hormone imbalances can lead you down the path of chronic illnesses faster and take away from the quality of your everyday life.

Appropriate natural (bio-identical) hormone replacement is an amazing solution to boost vitality while preventing early onset of illnesses like dementia and heart attack just to name a few.

Currently, conventional medicine doesn’t acknowledge the differences between synthetic hormones and natural hormones however there is a huge difference to your body. Synthetic hormones do not create the same effect of natural hormones and in fact they can be quite dangerous as they increase your risk for certain illnesses.

When considering hormone replacement therapy in the safest and most effective way, we test and never guess! Hormone testing is one of the hallmarks of functional medicine and I believe testing the systems of the body have a big impact on disease prevention. I utilize a variety of tests including blood, saliva and urine -some of which can be collected at the comfort of your home- to get a clearer picture of any imbalances present. For instance, blood test is preferred for thyroid function assessment, while saliva hormone testing is favored for cortisol and sex hormones. Saliva testing helps us determine hormones at the tissue level and the need for supplemental hormone treatment. Urine estrogen metabolite testing is highly valuable for assessing risk for breast cancer as well.

Advanced hormone testing is especially beneficial for people with hidden thyroid impairment, or those who are already taking thyroid medications. Often, people on medications are still struggling with symptoms because they are prescribed a synthetic hormone or a generic dose instead of the correct amount for their body at this time. Once thyroid function is addressed appropriately, many clients report improvement of symptoms such as easy weight loss.

Gut Health

Health and healing start in the gut! Hence, stool testing is frequently recommended and necessary. Common underlying problems are linked to out of balance microbial community and impaired intestinal barrier. Either condition can trigger an inflammatory cascade in the body affecting many systems including nervous system, immune system, hormones, cardiovascular system and more. An unhealthy gut is at the heart of many disease processes and unfortunately standard scopes miss gut dysbiosis, digestive issues, and other important dysfunctions that we can discover from stool testing.

Nutrient Testing

People may be surprised to learn that some of their symptoms can come from nutritional deficiencies. Just because you are eating enough doesn’t mean you are getting the right quality and quantity of nutrients! I offer a detailed nutrient, mineral, and vitamin testing that also sheds light on your symptomatology and detoxification pathways. This way we can also help boost any areas where you may have issues with certain nutrients and explore medical grade supplementation to fill in the blanks and help energize you on the cellular level.

Precision Health Management with Genetic Testing

When it comes to health, no two people are the same! We are very bio-individual and that’s why you may see some health recommendations working for others while it’s not beneficial for you. Genetic and epigenetic testing provide exceptional value at customizing one’s own health. After testing, I can guide you with precise recommendations so that you know exactly which nutrient helps you detoxify, while healing you to mitigate disease such as cardiovascular risk factors. This also helps us determine which specific lifestyle measure you need to achieve optimal health.

Additional Testing

As a functional medicine provider, I offer a wide array of testing, including assessment of detoxification processes or toxic load, state-of-the-art cardiovascular lipid profile, neurotransmitter tests and more. With the testing information in hand, we can create a clear path to your optimized health and answer a lot of those “healthy mysteries” that you have been struggling with for quite some time. Testing also helps us customize your lifestyle choices including diet, appropriate supplementation, and more.