About Me

Professional Experience

  • Board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician with over 25 years of experience.
  • Board-certified with American Academy of Antiaging Medicine on Antiaging, Functional & Metabolic Medicine
  • Board-certified by American Academy of Procedural Medicine in Advanced Esthetics.
  • Health coach degree through IIN (International Integrative Nutrition)

My Story

As a double board-certified physician in Emergency Medicine and Antiaging Medicine, I have seen the impact of poor health choices and what it can do to the mind and body! I’ve even experienced it myself – as a busy physician, I literally ran myself ragged, working long hours, ignoring my own signs of fatigue, only to later hit rock bottom with my own health.

I know you may be thinking “How is that even possible, you are a doctor??” As a physician, everyone assumes that, I am equipped with the knowledge which makes me the expert, including my own health, right?

But the truth is…. I put my career, my family, and even my friends before my health. On top of that, my conventional training didn’t give me the tools I needed to balance my life, eat well, stay sane, and keep it all together. We just don’t learn those things in conventional medicine, emergency medicine is all about acute care, not prevention or balance.

At my lowest point, before I decided to take action on my health, I had gained over 30 pounds, my thyroid took a hard hit, and I had totally bottomed out my stress hormones.

And then one day, I had a real wake-up call: I was walking into a clothing store down an aisle, I saw a grumpy, drained woman who had very negative energy. Suddenly, I realized that person was ME, reflecting in the mirror at the end of the aisle!

So often, when women start down that road towards health decline – they may not recognize it right away or even realize how bad it’s gotten because they are so focused on taking care of everyone else. And yet, deep down, they know they just don’t feel well and that something is off.

Let’s face it, women in this century have the short end of the stick! We work twice as much, if not more. We take care of our children, our spouses, our home, our aging parents, and we are even the “mom” figure at work.

We try to cram it all in, wishing there were 48 hours in a day, but we miss taking care of the most important person – OURSELVES! If this sounds like you, don’t feel bad.. I’m just as guilty.

That is why my goal is to help women reprioritize their own health and help them come back from that tipping point where they are just so exhausted all the time! I was there… so I know exactly how you feel – but the truth is, you can still be an amazing mom, a loving wife and friend, and great at your job… without running yourself into the ground.

Now that I have the knowledge, wisdom and tools, I have learned that my family and my work can still be high priority – but taking care of myself means I bring the best ME to the table.

Through my training in integrative coaching and functional medicine, I learned the right way to detox my life, my body, my relationships, and how to use the power of mind-body healing systems to help me get to a much better, saner place.

Let me help you change the course of your health destiny… It’s all about empowering you and giving you the right tools, so you can create & maintain your own health and enjoy true well-being.