A collection of interviews, informative sessions, and further details into her lifestyle upgrade programs, live here. 

I talk about about a meaningful experience that I hold near and dear to her heart at Nasdaq; an inspiration in establishing my own private practice.

Perspectives of Healthcare Podcast

Lung, Breathwork and Autoimmunity, Wellness Gap Summit

“The Gap” Book Launch Video

Simple steps to reclaim your health and reverse most chronic diseases in my new book “The Gap. I talk about my new book in the launch hosted by Pantea Kalhour. 

Aging Magnificently and Powerfully, Dr.Defne Nayman, Green Healing Show

I talk about how to age magnificently and powerfully on the Green Healing Show in this video. I also discuss the benefit of achieving a mind body balance, and how to add life and function to the years ahead.

Wisdom on Wellness with Dr. Defne Nayman

I talk about my new “Age-Reset” lifestyle upgrade program, and how my 30+ years of experience in the medical field can offer some wisdom on wellness.

Aging Youthfully Today with Dr.Defne Nayman (Keep It Juicy Podcast)

“I will not let age change me, I will change the way I age.”

I talk about how to age youthfully and keep your mind and body in balance through my Lifestyle Upgrade “Age-Reset” program that I offer to my clients.