I work directly with you to motivate,
encourage, & empower you
 with tools to balance your mind and body.

It is my deepest aspiration to use all my knowledge, along with my nurturing and empathy to inspire patients. Changing the course of someone’s health destiny takes more than your standard 7-minute office visit and this is why my patient mentoring program is so impactful and transformational.

Age Reset
Dr Defne ™

Let me help you change the course of your health destiny… It’s all about empowering you and giving you the right tools, so you can create & maintain your own health and enjoy true well-being.

My newest book about reclaiming your health

“The Gap” offers the missing link between chronic symptoms such as fatigue, aches, and chronic illnesses.

With my many years of emergency medicine expierence, 
I saw all too often the devastating effects of a “wait and see approach”
when it comes to health.

This is what prompted me to seek out additional education in a type of lifestyle or Integrative Medicine, also called Functional Medicine. Functional medicine focuses on healing and balancing the whole person and is a patient-centered approach.

When it comes to dealing with chronic symptoms, Functional Medicine seeks to deal with the underlying causes instead of relying on medications that only mask your symptoms. When I first learned about Functional Medicine, I saw the huge potential of this kind of medicine and the difference it could make in people’s lives! That’s why I bring the best of both worlds to my patients so they can benefit from my 30+ years of knowledge in the medical field.

Client Testimonials

I am here to work together in order to achieve the best version of YOU! Don’t wait, get started on achieving a better tomorrow.

“Rewriting tomorrow on how we look and how we feel….”

“I just had the honor/pleasure to listening to Dr. Defne’s speech. She is an EM physician and she dealt with the most intense situations where she was able to calm everybody down, get the job down and make sure that everybody was in a good state. She has transitioned into antiaging medicine because we want to “rewrite tomorrow”. As we want to rewrite what is going on in our lives not only currently but also 10-20 years in how we look and how we feel…she is the one you want to see…. if you like youth to be on your side you ought to get checked out by Dr. Defne and make sure you can rewrite tomorrow with mind, body and spirit all in the same place”

Dr. Caroline Von F

Owner of Balance Atlanta Family

“My aches are gone!….my eczema…gone!….I look and feel younger…I learned so much about my body…many thanks to DrDefne ….”

“I got into the program thinking this is just a diet plan. I now realize it is exceedingly more than that. Prior to starting the program, I had healthy food choices/habits and I just wanted to tackle some pounds I gained over the last few years. I tried dieting here and there but the hunger and irritability did not work for me. I experienced none of these on Dr.Defne’s program. On the contrary, I was energized! With the program, I not only learned how I can reset my mind-body, but also how I can maintain my weight in the long run by upgrading my lifestyle. I had neck and back pains for years due to herniation and sought out help at a bunch of rehab centers…. and I got no relief….Weeks into the program, my aches are GONE! Both my skin and my gut feel renewed. I lost about 20 pounds but I look like I lost a lot MORE! I look and feel younger, my energy increased to a point where I feel decades younger. A huge bonus of the program is that detox is naturally integrated! I am so happy I did not just sign up for any diet program. This is a wholesome and comprehensive program, I learned so much about my body, my physiology, my sleep, and more. Many thanks to Dr. Defne who provided highly valuable educational information on a weekly basis, monitored my progress closely and was available to answer all my questions via texts and scheduled video calls. I recommend this program to anyone who not only wants to lose weight in a restorative way, but also look younger and feel energized!”

Cicek G.

Mom, wife and a sought after socialite

“Thank you Dr. Defne for making a difference..”

“Dr. Defne is amazing at helping people really learn how to take better care of themselves. If you want to live better, have better energy and live with more meaning contact Dr. Defne, I love her. I highly recommend her and she can really advise you on your specific health needs. Thank you Defne! Thank you for making a difference!”

Olivia S.

New Business Women Bestseller

“I am 60 and I am really fired up about my life……”

“Dr.Defne is a peak performing expert in antiaging, and she is one of the preeminent doctors in her field. I love being around her and her enthusiasm and what she has to offer to people. I am 60 and the results have been really great for me as far as feeling young and really fired up about my life. I think Dr Defne is the key to it….if you want to have the same success, I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Tim M

Coach Tim

“Her program is unbelievable, you learn a lot…”

“I started a lifestyle program with Dr. Nayman a month ago and learned so much about myself. When I started the program, I had some stomach pains and to be honest, I was worried it would be a problem. Now not only my stomach feels better, I went couple sizes down, I feel much better. Her program is unbelievable, you learn a lot including technology! She cares about her clients and her program really works! I have high stress at work, and Dr. Nayman helped me understand more about mind body connection. I am so thankful for her breathwork session. For me it was very emotional, I kind of felt lighter and relaxed. With an open heart I recommend her, she does a great job.”

Hülya T


“Dr. Defne was very informative and present…”

“Recently had breathing session with Dr Defne Nayman… was worth every minute of experience…was more than breathing experience that elevated my senses beyond the time we were together. Although was online at the same time was very personal and did not feel the distance. Dr Defne was very informative and present from start to end which I did not want to arrive to… hope to have more sessions…”

Saadet A.


“I experienced a beautiful session with Dr. Defne…”

 “I experienced a beautiful breathwork session with Dr. Defne. It was an emotionally tough day, and she guided me through a series of breathing techniques, then we meditated. Tuhe emotional release was very helpful. I felt relaxed and refreshed. I highly recommend her breathwork practice”

Humeyra K.


“Dr.Defne delivers results…”

“Dr. Defne helps people get their health and energy back via a more natural, holistic approach. Very grateful to have met her! Dr. Defne delivers results. She is an excellent listener, which is rare these days. Recently, I received a breathwork session from her. Such a beautiful experience. It relaxed me so much that I had a great sleep that night. I have and will continue to recommend her to friends and family.”

Julia B.


“I am very thankful to Dr.Defne for her clinical support”

“I had a consultation session with Dr. Defne and I have to say she is a terrific physician who immediately understands and therefore responds to a patient’s urgent as well as long-term needs. With her suggestions my cold symptoms vanished in 2 days and she also was able to tap into my future health needs through her wellness program. As a woman going through a premenstrual period, I was able to receive critical responses to my questions with regards to hormone balance, vitamin needs, and general health & wellbeing. I am very thankful to Dr. Defne for her clinical support and invaluable recommendations that I can use for a long time now.”

Duysal A.


“I give Dr.Defne five stars all around…”

“I highly recommend Dr Dafne! She looks at the person holistically and makes easy to follow and effective recommendations to achieve wellness. She helped me improve my sleep without medication; she gave me great advice to start moving more, being more active (i dont like exercising but i am much more active now!); and she helped me get closer to my ideal weight. More importantly, i have kept my weight steady for over two months and now Im in round two of the losing phase. I have lost many inches in my abdomen, arms, and even my neck. Dr Dafne gives personalized service and really cares for her patients. I give her five stars all around!”

Monica P.



A collection of my interviews, informative sessions, and details about my lifestyle upgrade programs.

“I will not let age change me, I will change the way I age.”